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  • A company specialized in the field of feasibility studies and business consulting and works to connect project owners and ideas to investors looking for investment opportunities in addition to providing all feasibility studies and economic business advice in various sectors (industrial - commercial - service - health - construction - foodstuffs) as it attracts and targets Each of :-
  • Project owners
  • . Looking for sources of financing and investment
  • . Investors in all sectors
  • . business men
  • We also present and carry out feasibility studies for all sectors and investment volumes, which aim to establish projects of an integrated professional nature that are carried out by experts and cadres in the field for which a special study is to be made.
  • Receiving commercial, industrial and commercial delegations.
  • • Communicating with all companies in all investment fields.
  • • Investment, commercial, industrial, and agricultural consulting.
  • • Make a comparison of the offers submitted by companies and factories presented to them


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